For simple, informal procedures related to land use, why should your municipality partner with a single professional urban and regional planner rather than retaining a large engineering or planning firm? What if WNYPlanner can provide you with low cost alternatives to solve your land use challenges?

Low Cost Planning & Zoning Services for Western New York




We are a small land use planning consultancy serving a five-county region in Western New York. Providing 20 years of land use, environmental and transportation planning experience at the local, state and federal levels.




WNYPlanner is your adjunct planning and zoning staff. Zoning amendments with substantive basis; site plans with zoning law compliance and recommendations; resolution drafting and public notices; design guideline drafting, public engagement and meeting facilitation saving you time and money.  


“Your work and materials have greatly helped the Planning Department, planning board, town board and zoning board make a complete and informed decision concerning the matters before them.  Specific examples include Kost Tire Sign memos, the rezoning data and proposed laws, the Daniel Zenker rezoning application response and resolution.”


---Town Attorney, Big Flats, New York